All Panel PC manufactured by RESUN come with 2-year warranty:
The following is not covered by two-year warranty:
Damage caused by carelessness on the user's part during product transportation.
Damage caused by inappropriate storage environments such as with high temperatures, high humidity, or volatile chemicals.
Damage caused by not following instructions in the user's manual. and/or incorrect usage of voltage transformers.
Damage from improper repair by unauthorized technicians.
Repairing Services under warranty:
1.Please stated the details about the problems of products, please offer some photos and videos if necessary, then our engineers will provide some troubleshooting to it.
2. if the problem was unable to solved by the troubleshooting, then contact us for RAM service.
Shipping Charges: 
In order to aviod any damages occurred during normal shipping, Be sure to package the items well. 
Products that are returned for RMA work should be shipped in the original package and include the items that that are to be repaired. 
For Return under warranty, customers shall bear one-way freight charge for returning products to RESUN, 
and RESUN will bear one-way freight charge for the repaired unit sending back to customer. 
Any freight-collect shipments without notice in advance will be refused.
If any, Some evaluation fee will be charged if the malfunction is due to an issue caused by user or not covered by warranty, plus the actual costs of the repair. 

2 year warranty


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