Founded in 2004, Resun Electronics Co., LTD. is an OEM/ODM manufacturer of all-in-one Industrial Touch Computer, We research, develop, support our customer's computer customized needs. RESUN fanless industrial panel PC was designed to be low noise & low power consumption, these fanless panel PCs can be used in any industry that needs a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for controlling, display or automation, etc.

ODM/OEM Design Service:

From Idea to Production, We have been streamlined to make the best possible sample, then to the mass production. Our R&D team can provide a custom configuration of computer hardware and operating system to meet the customer's needs. Panel PCs in flexibile custom design are customized to your personalized customization in specifications& functions.


Vehicle Computer

Vehicle On-board Touch Screen Computer

Oil and Gas Field

The industrial panel pc is operating and monitoring in Oil and gas field


Power Plant

Industrial Computer solutions have to stand up to the rigors of shock and vibration, severe temperature, dust conditions.


Touch Screen Computer for ATM machine


Panel PC designed for ship/boat with Various LCD Display and Interfaces



Meat products manufacturer(Slaughterhouse)
The special features for Panel PC applied in slaughterhouse:

2 year warranty


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